WordPress vs Magento: Which One is Better in 2021?

Nowadays e-commerce website development is on its top. There are several e-commerce web development platforms which strive to conquer the market, which naturally produces so-called e-commerce competition. Considering pandemic and lockdown caused by it recently, we see that businesses tend to move their store online. For that they obviously need e-commerce platform. This post lists
advantages and disadvantages of Magento and Wordpress platforms and gives useful tips which e-commerce product you should use in coming 2021 to get more customers.

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Magento vs. WooCommerce: What to choose in 2021?

E-commerce software is essential for managing online store processes, its inventory, adding or removing products as well as calculating taxes and fulfilling orders. E-commerce platforms help in converting a world into a global village and growing many businesses.  This article clears the thing out by comparing two modern platforms – Magento and WooCommerce – and highlighting advantages of each. Based on this research you can easily decide on which software to use for your business.

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TOP Magento Extensions to Use in 2021

The development of eCommerce websites by professionals is one of the most popular options for modern businesses all over the world. It provides immense scope for online sales and transactions. It is recommended to choose an appropriate ecommerce development company since it acts as the sole representative of the various activities and offerings of a business set-up. We’ve prepared for you a good list of magento extensions to check and use for your eCommerce online shop.

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Wie installiere ich Magento 2.0 selbständig – Schritt für Schritt Anleitung

Derjenige, der mit Magento Entwicklung starten möchte, braucht die Plattform richtig installiert. Wie man das macht, schauen wir uns in diesem Artikel genauer an. Wir beginnen mit der Installation und Konfiguration der Magento Open Source Edition um Open Source-Funktionalität von Magento 2 zu beobachten und mit der Entwicklung benutzerdefinierter Funktionen zu beginnen.

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