.Net FrameWork – difference between Finalize and Dispose Methods

.NET framework provides two distinct ways of freeing up the unmanaged resources – Finalize & Dispose. In this article, we are going to discuss all the details about these two methods, the similarities and differences between them, and how using these can improve the efficiency of the program in .NET. So without much adieu, let’s get straight into it!

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Introducing .NET Core

.NET Core is a modular implementation that can be used in a wide variety of verticals, scaling from the data center to touch based devices, is available as open source, and is supported by Microsoft on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Lets go into a bit more detail of how .NET Core looks like and how it addresses the issues discussed earlier.

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MS Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 overview

At November 12, 2014 Microsoft announced the availability of the next version of Visual Studio. Visual Studio 2015 Preview adds significant value including cross-platform development in C++, the new open-source .NET compiler platform, C++ 11 and C++ 14 support, Apache Cordova tooling, and ASP.NET 5.

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