Young Chudovo team completes the first course of software development learning

Chudovo OÜ takes an active part in supporting IT education of young generation. It was formed a group of 15 talented children in October 2016. During 8 months team attended interesting lecturers and practical lessons.

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Chudovo begins to support IT education

15 children from needy families, aged from 10 to 14 years, whose fathers died or got heavy injuries during the anti-terrorist operation in the East Ukraine or from large families, shall be studying general principles of software development. Some of them would already start learning the technologies.

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Ukraine’s IT industry by the numbers

How many IT specialists does Ukraine have and how much do they make? Which developers are in most demand? The founder of a Ukrainian job search site reported his findings on the state of the IT industry and what to expect in the next year at this year’s IDCEE conference, an annual conference on Internet technologies and innovations in Central and Eastern Europe.

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